Library Services

Open Access To Documents

The Library provides an access to its collection and users are free to access what ever document they require from the shelves.

Circulation Service

Students :- One can get three books issued on his/her ID card for one week, which can be renewed for further one week, if there is no demand. Library Fine: One Rupee Per Day for the first seven days and after that it is Two Rupee Per Day

Faculty :-A maximum of 4 books can be issued for the entire semester.

Circulation of Periodicals and CDs

Journals and CDs/Video Cassettes are also issued for one week. As the library has more than 87 journals for both management and IT field in hard copy, these are displayed in both the UG & PG library with their back volumes. PG Students and Faculty can get these journals issued for one week. CDs are also kept in the PG library which can be issued for one week.

Reference Collection

Reference collection can only be accessed within the library premises.

Book Bank Service

Book Bank titles are issued for one full semester which have to be returned with in a week after the end of exams enabling them to get the books for next semester.

  1. Book Bank for PG courses: One set to one student individually
  2. Book Bank for UG courses: One set to one student individually
  3. Book Bank titles will be issued in one lot and are to be returned in one lot.

Reservation of Books

Books can also be reserved by the students, where the book which they want is not available at that point of time.

Reference Service

There is a reference section in both the libraries for UG and PG students. Books can be referred from the reference section with in the library premises. Reference books can not be issued to any student.

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

Users can search the catalogue for books through various approaches, such as Author, Title, Subject and many other approaches.

Library Feedback Form Service

When users want to offer any suggestions with regard to improvement in the library services, library feedback forms are available in print in both the UG and PG library. Users can fill the form and submit it in the library.

Library Orientation Program

Library orientation is provided to students and faculty from time to time to make them aware about the library rules, services and new additions.

Current Awareness Services (CAS)

CAS is provided to the users of IITM libraries, with the objective of keeping the IITM Faculty and Students informed about the new collection being added in the library. The Library has a column of "Recent Arrivals" which displays new titles added to the collection. There is a "Periodical Display Rack" which provides information about the latest journals and magazines available in the library

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)

IITM Library provides SDI Service to the faculty which keeps them up to date about the recent published articles (from the journals subscribed in the library) in their respective areas.