Robotics & AI Committee

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence committee is initiated with the ambition to Promote Robotics. It is the field concerned with the connection of perception to action, Artificial Intelligence must have a central role in Robotics if the connection is to be intelligent. Artificial Intelligence addresses the crucial questions of what amount knowledge is required in any aspect of thinking; how that knowledge should be represented; how that knowledge should be used. Robotics challenges AI by forcing it to deal with real objects in the real world. Techniques and representations developed for purely cognitive problems, often in toy domains, do not necessarily extend to meet the challenge. Robots combine mechanical effectors, sensors, and computers. AI has made significant contributions to each component. We review AI contributions to perception and object oriented reasoning. Object-oriented reasoning includes reasoning about space, path-planning, uncertainty, and compliance. We conclude with three examples that illustrate the kinds of reasoning or problem solving abilities we would like to endow robots with and that we believe are worthy goals of both Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, being within reach of both.

  1. To provide effective education and training to students.
  2. To combine sophisticated hardware and software with elaborate databases and knowledge-based processing models.
  3. To perform task that require extreme precision or tedious or hazardous work by people.
  4. To dramatically reduce or eliminate the risk to humans in many applications.
Committee Members
1 Dr. Sudhir Kumar Sharma Coordinator
2 Ms. Ruby Dahiya Member
3 Ms. Suruchi Kaushik Member
Students Coordinators
1 Mr. Nishant Arora BCA-IV (M)
2 Mr. Rakshit Sachdev BCA-IV (M)
3 Mr. Vaibhav Ahluwalia BCA-IV (M)
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