Profile : Dr. Deepika Arora
Dr. Deepika Arora

B.Com, M.Com, M.Phil, NET, Ph.D.
Management Studies

International Publications

S.No. Publications
1 Paper presented and published entitled Impact of FDI with reference to BSE in February 2015 at International conference held at GD Goenka in proceedings named Changing lanscape of world economies.( ISBN 978-93-84869-28-1)
2 Paper Published entitled A Comparative study of Service Quality Aspects of HDFC & AXIS vis a vis SBI & PNB in Global Journal for Research Analysis, ISSN No. 2277-8160, impact factor 1.5408, May 2014.
3 Paper entitled A Relative Study on Service Quality Aspects of Private Sector Banks Vs. Public Sector Banks in India published in Zenith International Journal of Business Economics & Market Research, Impact factor 4.134 in July 2014 Issue(ISSN 2249-8246).
4 Paper Presented entitled Indo China: A Road Ahead: Complementarities and Comparisons at International seminar on India-China Trade Relations in the New Millennium: A Contemporary Analysis at Institute of Information Technology & Mgmt, New Delhi on 15 Feb, 2014 and published in proceedings named India China Trade relations:Issues, impact and future prospect.( ISSN 0976-8629).

National Publications

S.No. Publications
1 Paper presented entitled Digital Financial Services in India: Focus on Agricultural sector at National conference at USMS, IPU in January 2017 and published in proceedings named Embracing The Digital Era: Management Perspectives.(ISBN No. 978-93-86349-89-7)
2 Paper presented entitled Digital skill development programme: focus on digital apps at National Conference at IITM Janakpuri in March 2017 and published in proceedings named Way Forward to Skill India. (ISBN No. 978-93-5267-774-0)
3 Paper presented entitled Financial Sustainability: A case study of PFC in March 2015 at National seminar on Sustainable Development organised by IITM Janakpuri and published in proceedings named Sustainable Business practices in Global Business Environment. (ISBN 978-93-5212-348-3).
4 Paper Published entitled Inter relationship of Service Quality Aspects, Customer Satisfaction, & Customer Loyalty in Banking Sector of India: A Study of Retail Banking in International Journal of Research in Business Management ( IJRBM ), ISSN 2321-886X, Vol. 1, Issue 4, Sep. 2013.
5 Presented Paper on Literature Review on SERVQUAL: In context to Banking Sector , in National Conference organised by Savera Group of Institution on 27 April, 2013.
6 Paper Presented entitled Cyber Threats and Security in Banking Sector in National Level Conference Organized by IITM Janakpuri and published in National conference on emerging trends in IT. (ISSN 0976-8629).
7 Paper Presented entitled A Comparative Analysis on Stress Management of Working Women in Teaching and Non Teaching Profession in National Seminar Organised by Banarasi Das Chandiwala Institute of Professional Studies, Dwarka and published in Management, Leadership and corporate governance.( ISBN 978-81-904635-7-7).
8 Paper Presented and Published entitled Customer Perception of Service Quality in Banking Sector: A case study of Faridabad in National Seminar organised by IITM, Janakpuri on 25 Feb. 2012. ( ISBN-978-93-80752-67-9).
9 Paper Presented & Published entitled Technological Advancements in Banking Sector Post Liberalisation in National Seminar organised by IITM, Janakpuri in 2013. ( ISSN No. 0976-8629).
10 Paper Presented entitled Data privacy issues in E Commerce in National Level Conference on Emerging Trends in Information Technology organized by IITM, Janakpuri and published in the proceedings Emerging Trends in IT (ISBN 978-93-80752-68-6)
11 Paper Presented entitled Technological Advancement in Indian Economy Post Liberalization: A study of Banking sector in National Seminar Organised by IITM Janakpuri and published in IITM Journal of Management and IT. (ISSN 0976-8629)